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Manipulation of microvillar proteins during Salmonella enterica invasion results in brush border effacement and actin remodeling. Felipe-López, A., Hansmeier, N., Danzer, C. and Hensel, M., 2023.. Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology, 13, p.177. Enhancement of oil forensic methodology through the addition of polycyclic aromatic nitrogen heterocycle biomarkers for diagnostic ratios. McCallum, P., Filewood, T., Sawitsky, J., Kwok, H., Brunswick, P., Yan, J., Chibwe, L., Tikkisetty, K. and Shang, D., 2023.. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, 195(3), p.416. The varved succession of Crawford Lake, Milton, Ontario, Canada as a candidate Global boundary Stratotype Section and Point for the Anthropocene series. McCarthy, F.M., Patterson, T., Head, M.J., Riddick, N.L., Cumming, B.F., Hamilton, P.B., Pisaric, M.F., Gushulak, C., Leavitt, P.R., Lafond, K.M. and Llew-Williams, B., 2023. The Anthropocene Review, p.20530196221149281. Target and Nontarget Screening of Organic Chemicals and Metals in Recycled Plastic Materials. Chibwe, L., De Silva, A.O., Spencer, C., Teixera, C.F., Williamson, M., Wang, X. and Muir, D.C., 2023. Environmental Science & Technology. Divergent effects of biological and physical processes on dissolved oxygen and dissolved inorganic carbon dynamics on a eutrophied and hypoxic continental shelf. Quiñones‐Rivera, Z.J., Wissel, B., Turner, R.E., Rabalais, N.N., Justić, D., Finlay, K.P. and Milan, C.S., 2022.. Limnology and Oceanography, 67(11), pp.2603-2616. Affinity Enrichment of Salmonella-Modified Membranes from Murine Macrophages for Proteomic Analyses. Chao, T.C., Thapa, S. and Hansmeier, N., 2022.. In Proteomics in Systems Biology: Methods and Protocols (pp. 263-273). New York, NY: Springer US. Seasonal variability of CO2, CH4, and N2O content and fluxes in small agricultural reservoirs of the northern Great Plains. Jensen, S.A., Webb, J., Simpson, G.L., Baulch, H.M., Leavitt, P.R. and Finlay, K., 2022. Protein Purification and Digestion Methods for Bacterial Proteomic Analyses. Hansmeier, N., Sharma, S. and Chao, T.C., 2022. In Proteomics in Systems Biology: Methods and Protocols (pp. 63-70). New York, NY: Springer US. Classifying mixing regimes in ponds and shallow lakes. Holgerson, M.A., Richardson, D.C., Roith, J., Bortolotti, L.E., Finlay, K., Hornbach, D.J., Gurung, K., Ness, A., Andersen, M.R., Bansal, S. and Finlay, J.C., 2022. Water Resources Research, 58(7), p.e2022WR032522. Salinity causes widespread restriction of methane emissions from inland waters. Soued, C., Finlay, K., Bortolotti, L., Jensen, S., Leavitt, P., Mueller, P., Wissel, B. and Bogard, M., 2022. Abrupt changes in the physical and biological structure of endorheic upland lakes due to 8‐m lake‐level variation during the 20th century. Bjorndahl, J.A., Gushulak, C.A., Mezzini, S., Simpson, G.L., Haig, H.A., Leavitt, P.R. and Finlay, K., 2022.. Limnology and Oceanography, 67(5), pp.1022-1039. Heterogeneous patterns of aged organic carbon export driven by hydrologic flow paths, soil texture, fire, and thaw in discontinuous permafrost headwaters. Koch, J.C., Bogard, M.J., Butman, D.E., Finlay, K., Ebel, B., James, J., Johnston, S.E., Jorgenson, M.T., Pastick, N.J., Spencer, R.G. and Striegl, R., 2022.. Global Biogeochemical Cycles, 36(4), p.e2021GB007242. pH of Inland Waters. Finlay, K. and Bogard, M.J., 2022.



Taxon-specific variation in δ13C and δ15N of subfossil invertebrate remains: Insights into historical trophodynamics in lake food-webs. Anas, M.U.M., Simpson, G.L., Leavitt, P.R., Cumming B.F., Laird, K.R., Scott, K.A., Das, B., Wolfe, J.D., Hesjedal, B., Mushet, G.R., Walker, A., Meegahage, B., & Wissel, B. Ecological Indicators 102, 834–847. DOI: 10.1016/j.ecolind.2019.03.026 Spatial analysis of a hydrocarbon waste‐remediating landfarm demonstrates influence of management practices on bacterial and fungal community structure Bergsveinson, J., Perry, B.J., Simpson, G.L., Yost, C.K., Schutzman, R.J., Hall, B.D., & Cameron, A.D.S. Microbial Biotechnology. DOI: 10.1111/1751-7915.13397 Seasonality of pCO2 in hard-water lakes of the northern Great Plains: The legacy effects of climate and limnological conditions over 36 years Finlay, K., Vogt, R.J., Simpson, G.L., & Leavitt, P.R. Limnology & Oceanography 64(S1), S118–S129. DOI: 10.1002/lno.11113 Differential stimulation and suppression of phytoplankton growth by ammonium enrichment in eutrophic hardwater lakes over 16 years Swarbrick, V.J., Simpson, G.L., Glibert, P.M., Leavitt, P.R. Limnology & Oceanography 64(S1), S130–S149. DOI: 10.1002/lno.11093 Widespread nitrous oxide undersaturation in farm waterbodies creates an unexpected greenhouse gas sink Webb, J.R., Hayes, N.M., Simpson, G.L., Leavitt, P.R., Baulch, H.M., & Finlay, K. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 116(20): 9814–9819. DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1820389116

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