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Dr. Peter R. LEAVITT


Peter is the Canada Research Chair in Environmental Change and Society, Professor of Biology, and founding Director of IECS and its predecessor EQAL. He has experience in national leadership (Executive of Society of Canadian Limnologists (SCL); Director Canadian Institute of Ecology and Evolution CIEE), science communication (SCL media officer; > 400 media interviews), societal governance (Board of Association for the Sciences of Limnology and Oceanography, ASLO), scientific conferences (SCL, ASLO, International Association for Limnology, SIL), grant evaluation (US National Science Foundation, NSF), revenue generation (>$30M in grants), publication (>215 papers), and science adjudication (editorial boards of Limnology and Oceanography Letters, Ecology, and 4 others). Research in Leavitt’s University of Regina Limnology Laboratory combines ecosystem experiments, modeling, paleolimnology, mass balances, and long-term (30 yr) ecological research to quantify the factors that regulate the structure and function of lakes, and improve strategies for their protection. This work was recognized with fellowships in the Royal Society of Canada, Royal Society of Biology (UK), and ASLO.


Dr. Peter R. LEAVITT
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