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Dr. Tzu-Chiao CHAO

Environmental Scientist (Molecular)

Tzu-Chiao is the lead of the Cellular Impacts Facility (CIF) within IECS. His research focuses on development and application of multi-Omics techniques, including proteomics and metabolomics to investigate organismal and cellular responses to harmful exposures. Often, precise molecular mechanisms resulting in injury from toxins and pollutants are uncertain. Therefore, the comprehensive view afforded by omics technologies are ideal to provide unparalleled insights into the underlying injury pathways and mechanisms.

Research in his group includes the study of metabolic disruptions in bacteria, eukaryotes and animal models due to pollutants, antibiotics and other stressors. In parallel, his group develops and uses assays to explore genetic markers of antimicrobial resistance and pollution in waterways.


Dr. Tzu-Chiao CHAO
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